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August 23rd

Special thanks go out to James McMann, Sean Stevens, Scott Stevens, Ian Fridena, Sykes and Ann Mitchell, Vernonia Sentry, Vernonia Voice, Portland Music, Trade Up Music, Really Good Stuff, Guitar Crazy, Vernonia Historic Society, Vernonia Hands on Art, Randy Parrow, Robb Wilson, and the town of Vernonia for making us feel like we are home again each year for 20 years...Thank you, thank you, thank you!

More thanks.......Buzzy Linhart, Link Wray, Brad Curtis, Tim Call (thanks for the guitar lessons), John Cippolina, Brett Johnson, Milo Chamberlain (Milo Major/Milo minor stages), Lee's U-Catch, Casey and Josette Mitchell, custom hauling by Paul [provider of this year's amazing stage, a 32' Goosneck 22k long haul trailer, available for hire...after the show!], V and V leathers in Vernonia, the Black Bear [killer coffee and lots of goodies for you to drink, eat, wear etc..831 Bridge St., Vernonia, Oregon], Jeffree White, without whom we would not have this amazing website and would be communicating with smoke signals, and...last but not least...Burning Steer Sound, without whom we would not have such a great sounding show for the last 4 years, thank you Dave and Carl!!!

There are two benefits coming up:

  • one for Alternative Stage at Kelly's Olympian, and
  • one for a dear friend from Vernonia who was involved in a critical logging accident...
To volunteer for help in planning either one, please call Lowell at 503.235.8996.

Our Alt. Stage auction raised over $500 and although we haven't covered all our expenses yet, it was a success, and many items are still available including

  • a Mexican seafoam green '58 Strat replica
  • an original Dunlop wahwah pedal
  • an Ampeg CU-12 40-watt tube amp with tremolo
  • several acoustic and electric guitars

Alternative Stage 20th Anniversary t-shirts are still available in large to xxx-large. They feature the artwork of Rai Davison. We'll let 'em go for $7 a piece!!! Call or email Lowell.

Thanks very much to Chris Chandler and David Benwa for the great show the weekend following Alt Stage!

Thanks to the Vernonia Historical Society for providing information about Vernonia's past throughout the day on Sunday. Thanks attendees -- we raised $60 for them.

Lowell J. Mitchell and Lynn Conover will be celebrating the release of their first CD, Razor Wire Halo, at the Rock Creek Tavern on the first Thursday of September (the 6th) from 8 to 11.

old news...

August 1st

We have 4 guitars, an SWR 15 bass amp, an original wah-wah pedal, other gear and art, plus other lovely misc items available for our auction...and, awesome T-shirts designed by Rai Davison for only $12.00 each....all profits go to the historic society of Vernonia after expenses are covered!




July 27th

new! Read the interview of Alt Stage founder Lowell J. Mitchell!

July 24th
Partial schedule is up on the future page!!!

July 24th

Special event!!!
Chris Chandler will make an appearance at the Alt Stage site the Friday following Alt Stage: August 10th... Details forthcoming soon...

July 5th

Fundraiser party for the 20th year anniversary of the Alternative Stage in Vernonia!

Thursday, July 19th  8:30pm

Curtis Chamberlain
the New Iberians
Quality Name Brand

with T-shirts, auction, games, fun, crazyness and warm-up for Alt. Stage!

$5-7 suggested donation

Come and sign up for artist positions, parade contributions, what-have-you: volunteers always needed, in exchange for a camp site.

We especially need vendors and chalk artists!

Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington St., Portland


June 19th
see the future page for more news and notes

Welcome to the home on the web for the Alternative Stage, a free annual homegrown festival and integral part of the Vernonia, Oregon Friendship Jamboree.

The jamboree is held the first full weekend of August each year.

We provide three days of free music each year thanks to the bands, musicians, and volunteers that donate their time to the event.